MemSource Editor

MemSource Editor is a powerful, yet easy-to-use translator’s workbench. It seamlessly connects to translation memories and glossaries stored in MemSource Cloud or MemSource Server. It supports all the features you would expect from a CAT tool.


Memsource technologies have developed MemSource Editor to provide a free CAT tool to translators working in MemSource Cloud or MemSource Server. MemSource Editor is multiplatform, and currently can be installed on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The Editor is connected in real time to a project’s term base, stored centrally in MemSource Cloud or MemSource Server. Translators see immediately any terminology changes made by a project manager or terminologist. Terms can also be added from within the Editor, and in this way get instantly shared across the entire translation team.

MemSource Editor connects to MemSource Cloud or MemSource Server to allow storing translated segments in translation memory in real time. Any changes made by translators connected to the same translation memory get shared immediately.

Project management features, such as creating a project, assigning a translation memory and term base to a project, etc. are all performed on the server side. In this way translators can just open the file for translation and start translating in MemSource Editor without having to deal with any of the project management tasks.

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