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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:  Indus translation Services has all the qualified skills to fulfill your information technology translation expertise needs which are relevant, precise and culturally appropriate. Read More on Information Technology Page

LAW: Indus translation Services has maintained its reputation of providing high quality and reliable legal translation services to the legal industries over the years. Read More on Law Page

GOVERNMENT: Since our beginning, Indus provides a range of multilingual expertise to the state and local government. Read More on Government Page

HUMAN RESOURCE: At Indus, the professional experts help to ensure that the human resource translation needs are fulfilled by developing the linguistic and cultural accuracy with the original content. Read More on Human Resource Page

MEDICAL: Indus is successful in satisfying the clients specific needs and relies on the highly professional linguists who are aware that this field requires latest technical expertise and must be familiar with the particular medical terminologies as well.

RETAIL:   Indus employ those specialists that are well aware of the local market and its custom that helps in promotion and can produce an effective result when its localized in the desired target language. Read More on Retail Page

EDUCATION: Indus offers profession education experts for this purpose who have a good command on their language and posses the required knowledge to interpret to the target client. Read More on Education Page

PUBLISHERS: We have specialists specifically to tailor the publishers’ need as well whether it’s for book, reference, web, newsprint or magazines Indus will provide the publishers a quick response and accurate services. Read More on Publishers Page