Indus translation not only have technological writers that can translate documents from one language to another but also provide expert translating services that include the use industry’s terminology. Our translation experts can create opportunities that allow you to expand your influence in global markets allowing your business to reach new highs.

We understand that the technological world does not only include working with standard software and hardware but also modern innovations, including artificial intelligence, SaaS VoIP, and other inventions that drive the modern world. Our translators are well aware of market needs and produce content, manuals, sales copy that not only generate leads but connect with native speakers.

Law and Legal

We have a reputation for providing professional translation and communication services for legal firms and businesses operating in the compliance sector. Our translators know how important it is for legal documents to be comprehensive, to the point, and ensure the level of authority for formal proceedings. From translating intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, to interpreting legal documents from a foreign country, we are here to help.

Government agencies and contractors

Indus translation is a communication partner for all national and local government agencies as well as private contractors. These organizations rely on our abilities, resources and expertise to handle high volume and complex requirements.  We deliver services with a fast turnaround time while maintaining the highest quality of services. Since our beginning, we have been providing translation and language services to various local and state governments. Our professionals are aware of several governmental processes, including town planning and urbanization, allowing us to furnish a copy that genuinely describes the gravity of any situation or event.

Medical and Healthcare

Indus translation provides professional healthcare language solutions to help companies develop region-specific programs. We make communication across the border easier and ensure positive customer feedback in a language they understand. We consult with our clients to identify areas of improvement and supplement them with professional medical translators, interpreters and project management services.

Whether it is about translating patient information, medical documents or interpreting his message from a foreign language, our team is here to help you with the language barrier and make your experience one-of-a-kind. Our Medical translators have sufficient education and training required in this niche and have full command over the subject matter. We rely on highly professional linguists who are well aware of the field and can produce content containing medical terminologies.


With e-commerce making headlines every day, the retail market is expected to expand three-fold in the next five years. This presents a lot of opportunities for businesses willing to expand their reach globally and want to capture and untapped markets of Asia and Africa. When it comes to creating a global communication strategy and plan, many complexities need to be addressed. One of them is the language barrier, which needs to be removed for conducting sales and operations in a particular region.

Essentially you also need language services to help create a brand identity in a foreign country. At Indus, we know how to communicate with your prospective clients in their native language effectively. Our translators possess skills and expertise required to produce effective ad copies, sales descriptions and more to help you communicate effectively and promote your product in local markets.

Human Resource

Translating HR documents is crucial when you have a large number of foreign employees or need to communicate with the global workforce. When you are planning to expand your business across the border, Indus translation is here to help your team connected at all times. The presence of a large number of foreign workers can create gaps in processes, leading to unfortunate consequences. To streamline operations and avoid any chances of miscommunication, it is essential to have a language interpreter to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We are here to support your HR and provide a multilingual specialist that can deliver work with accuracy and efficiency.


At Indus translation, we have experts who can translate any document book, reference, news, and print magazines to help you reach a wider market. We can help publishing companies of all sizes reach their true potential and create a global impact through dynamic content that resonates with native speakers.


The education sector has experienced a lot of competition over the years due to digitization and globalization. Many universities and high schools enroll international students and have quotas for individuals belonging to an alien country. However, numerous challenges can seriously affect the education industry.

One of these challenges is the language barrier that usually prevents many people from applying for foreign universities. As a solution, we at Indus provide an accurate translation of your documents, admission letters, university website, training material and certificates in different languages. Not only this, but we also help expand your reach globally by converting your existing media, lectures, PDF files into the language of your choice.