Indus Translation was founded on a simple concept, to provide unmatched language and communication service at competitive rates. We utilize a rigorous and proven approach that allows us to deliver translation services at par with the industry’s standard. Our team includes experts and full-time professionals who ensure that the work we provide is second to none. We can cater to several requirements, including translation of draft, reports, letters and invoices.

At Indus, we have also got an in-house review process that ensures the highest accuracy for every document we furnish. Our subject matter experts translate your document to another language, in a way that resonates with foreign speakers, is clear and to the point. We specialize in translating documents into mostly Asian and Middle East languages but also cater to requests that demand translation of the content in a rare language.

Website Translation

At Indus, we can help you with translating your website content into another language. As per popular studies, more than 40% of Google searches are done in local languages, providing a lot of opportunities for businesses to expand. Our experts ensure that your website is translated in a way that keeps the relevancy of original content intact while targeting new markets. We give the clients the ease and quality they need to make their website bilingual, assisting them in getting traffic from other countries.


If you need your documents to be reviewed by a professional third-party, we are here to help. Indus work with professional editors who can proofread your existing content in the languages we support. If you are not sure about the content you receive from automated software or any other tool, we can help you curate it in a way free from error, inaccurate information, punctuation and style. Our experts scrutinize your work in-depth and guarantee a high-quality service with complete accuracy before it gets to be published.


Struggling in extracting the information you just receive from a foreign office? Sometimes business can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with people from abroad. At Indus, we have a segment dedicated to helping organizations, governments, and agencies interpret the messages they receive in a foreign language. Our diversified group of professional interpreters possesses the required skill set to convey the meaning and subject matter present in a document. Our interpretation process starts with analyzing the subject matter of the original content and assessing the target market. We keep the culture and other sensitivities into consideration while interpreting the message and comprehending the message in the document.


The use of desktop publishing has skyrocketed in the past few years. With publishing and media houses embracing the technology, it is a no-brainer when deciding to obtain translation services for desktop. At Indus, we not only have the expertise that delivers quality transplantation’s, but our team can also work on desktop publishing. Having a desktop publishing facility provides a lot of advantages, including brand recognition in the foreign market. Indus Translation Services has endeavored over the years to ensure cultural sensitivity of translation while providing translated content for word processing and graphic format.

Language Testing

When you are operating globally and targeting a mass market, you have to approach prospective customers in the language of their interest. Many Asians can understand English, but hardly any of them can be emotionally connected with it. Whether you are excited about learning a new language or want to test proficiency in the native language of an employee, we have a solution in place to accommodate your requirements. Our team can conduct an oral and written test and assess your skills to help you get better insights about your proficiency in a foreign language.

Quality Control

To ensure the highest quality and competence in translation services, we have in-house quality control that guarantees 100% accuracy for all translations. We work closely with our clients and ensure that they are provided with a translation that resonates with the target market. We never leave anything up to chance and innovate ourselves to remain at the professional at every stage of the process.

Project Management

We have project managers that work with you and provide solutions to your communication and language barrier. Our manager act as a bridge between your organization and target market, unifying the relation in a way that enhances your brand’s image. We bridge the communication barrier and works closely with our clients to live up to their expectations. At Indus, we have a client-focus approach and provide and can work with diversified people while meeting deadlines.


Localization refers to a customer-sensitive market that involves integrating linguistic more precisely along with the translation task. We have experts who can deliver translations in local languages that address people in a way that is not provoking or cause dissatisfaction. At Indus, we clearly understand the impact of localization and ensure that you are always set ahead in the right direction.

VRI (Video Remote Interpretation)

It is a huge barrier when you are can’t voice your needs. Video Remote Interpretation helps to overcome the communication barriers faster and is an affordable way to get your message heard. Indus Translation Services provides VRI services that make it possible to differentiate the facial expressions used in the interpretation and how well the client understands it. Our team ensures that nonverbal communication is communicated meaningfully and makes it easy to communicate between interpreters with a non-English speaking client.

Sign Language

We provide a professional interpretation of sign language for clients that is deaf and hard to hear. At Indus, we have a separate sign language interpretation division having the skills and expertise to convert the sign language into the message rendered through it. We provide on-demand access with professionals familiar with cultural elements and technicalities involved in sign language and ensure that your message is interpreted into the language you desire.

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