About Us

We are a dedicated team of communicators, committed to helping companies and government overcome the language barrier. Although it sounds easy and straightforward, translations and interpretation are usually tricky and can get pretty complicated at times. Beyond the translations, there are deadlines and budgets, and a lot of other complexities. Of course, with greater interest at stake, you can’t trust seasonal translators to do the job.

Indus Translation provides a unique experience to clients looking to translate anything from media slides to documents and brochures. We have set out to create an environment that accommodates all culture and make communication easier. By working with translators who are bilingual and bi-cultural, we ensure clients that they are getting the best services and a fantastic value.

At Indus, we are committed to maintaining the highest standard translation quality, specifically in all languages. Our expertise lies in translating both popular and unpopular languages, including Kurdish, Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Pashto, and Urdu. We are ATA certified and have consistently proven to meet the highest standards of the American Translation Association. Our major concern lies in satisfying our client’s needs, which is why we do the utmost to personalize your experience.