Connecting the world through words

We thrive on uniting cultures and connecting people across boundaries. 

Empowering Global Communication, One Translation at a Time

At Indus Translation Services, we believe that effective communication lies at the core of our human experience. We understand the profound impact that language barriers can have on connecting people, businesses, and cultures worldwide


Experience the power of real-time interpretation services that transcend language barriers and bridge cultures effortlessly.


We recognize that accurate and culturally sensitive translations are essential for effective communication


Our professional transcription services convert audio recordings, interviews, podcasts, and more into accurate and readable text

Since 2007, we’ve completed more than 250,000 projects for over 1,500 clients.

We’re proud to have successfully completed diverse translation projects for our valued clients, spanning industries from legal to technology. Our track record reflects our commitment to precision and effective cross-cultural communication.


We offer comprehensive multilingual solutions. Our custom processes and methodologies enable us to satisfy your most rigorous demands when it comes to our highly-rated translation and interpretation, as well as customized specialization and globalization of your requirements

We have translated several thousand documents into corporate advertising, book publishing, educational materials, and college transcripts for small and large organizations or individual

Information technology

Our translator's tired-and-tested track record enables them to precisely and appropriately convey all instructions and graphic exhibits smoothly, with no incomprehensible, manufactured jargon.


Since the outset of our operation, we have been providing a range of multilingual services and consultation to the state and local governments. We are well aware of the government procurement processes and language access requirements under Title VI.

Education/School District

We cater to the translation needs of K-12 and college students in exam-taking, foreign transcripts and documents, reports, research projects, essay translation, university website translation, training material translation, and certification of students’ translation.


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